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What's new on Lumolist v1.3?

When I first started Lumolist back in 2018, it was just an idea, an idea that I thought could be interesting, might be useful. Four years down the line, and Lumolist has just hit 1,500 downloads in 40 countries across Europe, and we're launching updates on a quarterly basis.

Keeping the apps vast product inventory up-to-date was always going to be a challenge, but so is keeping the app relevant, fresh and exciting for our user base. Through my work in the industry and by having a very open approach to app development, I've been fortunate to have some brilliant people around me, constantly providing feedback and insights into how best to take Lumolist to the next level.

This third round of updates are largely based on feedback from our users. They may seem small but they can drastically improve workflow.

Here's a quick insight to the new features and why they've been added:

1. List Preview

Previewing your work in Lumolist has always been an option, but it involved a pretty clunky work-around that required you to select 'print' in the sharing form. Not ideal and something we had to fix. This new update automatically previews your list the moment you select 'Share Order', giving you a clear representation of what you're about to share.

2. Favorites Identifier

Adding products to your favorites is about speeding up work flow, whether your looking for a key specification or putting a list together. Lumolist currently has over 7,500 products, so you don't want to be wasting too much time searching for a specific clamp every time you need it. With this feature, we've added a 'star' icon to each of you're favourite products. It's a simple addition, but helps to make things clearer when browsing through.

3. Production Weight Options

This new update is in preparation for our launch into America and further afield. There are lots of differences across the pond, with their unit of measuring weight being one of them. With this feature users can simply choose their preference and all weight data throughout the app will change accordingly.

4. Region Selector

This is also is preparation for launching the app into new territories. Much of the the equipment we use here in Europe is the same in the U.S, but there are some key differences. One area is power and distribution. With the region selector, users can select their region and will only be shown products relevant to that area.

5. Additional Bug Fixes

As we all know, nothing is ever perfect and it's very much the case with app development. Luckily for us, we have a brilliantly thorough and talented developer, so our issues are often minimal. But when we do hear from users about errors or bugs in the system we're always quick to get on top of them.

Enjoy the new updates. We've have plenty more on their way and some even bigger announcements to come. Stay tuned!


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