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Latest Updates to Lumolist v1.5: Enhancing Your Experience

At Lumolist, our commitment to providing you with the best tools for your lighting equipment needs is an ongoing endeavour. We're excited to introduce some exciting updates that will streamline your app experience and make navigating Lumolist even more intuitive and user-friendly.

1. Enhanced Navigation: More Intuitive Than Ever

We've taken a close look at your feedback and have made some smart changes to our navigation system. These improvements are designed to ensure that Lumolist is not only a powerful tool but also a joy to use.

'Basket' Becomes 'List'

Our previous 'Basket' tab served as a central hub for the items you've added, but we realized that the term "Basket" might not be universally understood in the context of Lumolist. To make things clearer, we've changed it to 'List'. This tab is where you'll create and manage your lists, which are the backbone of your projects.

'Lists' Becomes 'Orders'

We've also made a change to the 'Lists' tab, which will now be known as 'Orders'. This is the place where your completed lists find a home and where you can also save and manage templates for future use. This change aligns the tab name more closely with its functionality, helping you keep your workflow organized.

2. Refined Product Pages: A Fresh Look and Improved Functionality

Our product pages have undergone some subtle yet impactful improvements. We believe that a well-designed interface not only helps you work efficiently but also enhances your overall experience.

'Add to Basket' Transforms into 'Add to List'

Gone is the 'Add to Basket' button. We've replaced it with the more intuitive 'Add to List' button, aligning the language with the app's core purpose. This button takes you on a journey to creating your customized lists.

Streamlined Options and Accessories Selection

We've refined the process of selecting options and accessories for your products. Instead of making selections before adding to your list, you'll now add the product first. Then, you'll be presented with your options, akin to the experience you might have when customizing your fast-food order on delivery apps. This linear process ensures clarity and simplicity in your interactions.

Clearer Display of Selections

Once you've made your selections, they'll be displayed below the model name. This visual representation makes it easy for you to double-check your choices, ensuring that everything is just right before proceeding.

In these updates, Lumolist continues to evolve with you in mind. We've fine-tuned the navigation, improved the look and feel of our product pages, and made options selection more straightforward. Our goal is to provide you with an app that's not only a powerful tool but also a delight to use. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to work on enhancing your Lumolist experience. We value your feedback and are committed to making Lumolist the ultimate companion for your lighting equipment needs.


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