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Quick-View Products

Save yourself even more time. Just press and hold on a product to display quick view. Here you can efficiently add/remove one product at a time. 

View Accessories

View Accessories with Quick-View

To check what accessories you've attached to a product before you share your list, just press and hold on a product to bring up quick view. This is accessible in both the Basket and Order windows. 

Edit Orders & Lists

Need to add products to your list or order? Head to the list tab and select the order or list that you want to edit. Select 'Edit Order', this will temporarily put your list into Edit Mode. Navigate back to the 'Products' tab and find the products you want to add. Once you've added everything, head back to the 'Basket' tab and select 'Update'. 

Edit Lists
Add Tags

Add Tags to your List

Adding tags to your list can really help when searching for old ones. Add tags like location, job type and even crew members. So when you want to find that list, from that job, with that person, you can narrow it down by searching the tags. 

Add Product Notes

Add extra information to individual products in your order. Just swipe right on a product. 

Add Product Notes

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Create your own Personal Kit Inventory

Keep track of the products you own by adding them to 'My Kit'.
Navigate to the product, select the menu in the top right-hand corner and choose 'Add to My Kit'.

Version 1,1 Update [13/05/2022]: The 'My Kit' category name is now editable via the settings in the top right-hand corner. Any name changes will be viewable within the basket and PDF exports. 

My Kit

Add Custom Products

Want to add something you own, maybe something you've made yourself? Head to the 'My Kit' section and select the + in the top right-hand corner. Add a name, description and image of your choice. 

*You can also add custom products in the categories. Just navigate to the final tier and select the in the top corner. This can be useful if you want to include something in your list that isn't yet available. 

Custom Products
Add to Favourites

Add Products to your Favourites

Save time by adding products you frequently use to your favourites. Select the menu in the top right-hand corner and choose 'Add to Favourites'. Products added to favourites will be categorised in the same way as items added to the basket.

The      icon will appear next to the Lumolist product code to confirm it's been included.  

Preview your PDF

Once generated, you can check your PDF lists to make sure everything is as it should be. Select 'Share Order', you will then be presented with the iOS share sheet, select 'Print' and pinch to zoom in. 

PDF Preview

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