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A comprehensive catalogue of professional film, television, photography and digital media equipment all in the palm of your hand.

Lumolist app
Lumolist app on a phone in someones hand


Browse, search & discover thousands of popular industry products. Cutting edge or discontinued, it’s all included.


Use product images to help you identify the right product for the job.

Avenger Barrel Clamp

Made for the crew by the crew.


Learn about industry-standard products, understand their uses and familiarise yourself with how they look before you get onto a professional set. 


Identify products on the go and create product inventories to keep track of your teams kit.  


Keep up to date with the latest equipment. Create lists on the go and use datasheets and photometrics to help with your important decisions. 

a fiilex datasheet on an ipad

Technical Data

Clear and concise technical data, product information and photometrics, in the palm of your hand.

Create & Save

Add items to your basket to create your list, you can also save kit packages for use at a later date. 

Someone using the Lumolist app
an example of the lumolist pdf export

Export + Share

Export your lists as clear & structured pdf documents. Simply share through email and other supported messaging apps. 

With support from a growing number of world-class brands

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Available in UK & Europe

If you're based outside of the UK or Europe and want to be part of our International Beta Program, get in touch.


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